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New Hampshire Kids Against Bullying

Bullying:  It happens anywhere and everywhere

Kids Against Bullying received a visit in March 2013 from New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan to discuss the possibility of her proclaiming an anti-bullying day or week for New Hampshire. Working with Kids Against Bullying, Governor Hassan  eventually proclaimed November 18-22, 2013 as New Hampshire's first-ever Anti-Bullying Week! 



New Hampshire is just one of thousands of places where bullying occurs. This website has been created by kids for kids. Please note, though, that if you're an adult, we also welcome you and invite you to register and join with us--to take part in our discussions, share your experiences, ideas, suggestions, etc.

No matter your age, we know how you feel about bullying. So, whoever you are, stop and take a look at our website! Join us! Ask questions! Give us your feedback! Share your ideas and suggestions! Whatever you can offer will help us all take another step in our mission to combat bullying.  Thank you!


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Kids Against Bullying is to prevent, reduce or eliminate bullying by raising awareness and educating people of all ages about the many forms bullying takes, the destructive impact it has on nearly everyone, and, most importantly, about what can be done to combat bullying. As part of this effort, we are pledging to never stand by passively when bullying occurs, but instead to find a way to stand up for ourselves or for any victims of bullying.

(If you feel similarly and haven't already done so, please read and sign our pledge on the Sign the Pledge page.)



About Us

We are a group of Strafford New Hampshire elementary and middle school students concerned about kids who are bullied, about kids who are bystanders to bullying, and about kids who are themselves bullies. We hope to learn and provide K-A-B members with useful up-to-date information about how bullying situations can be better handled. Clearly, no one at the moment has all the answers to combating bullying in schools and elsewhere. As kids, although we will seek adult assistance, studies, articles, etc., we do not expect to rely on school boards, principals, teachers, parents, or adult experts to provide us with all the answers; instead, we are looking to kids--you and us--and our shared experiences and knowledge to provide useful answers to combating bullying. In short, we can learn from you and hopefully you can learn from us.


Kids Against Bullying is a non-profit organization. This website is operated by Kids Against Bullying and is designed to be a communication and learning tool. We plan to post real-life stories and scholarly Articles that could help members in a bullying situation. We will occasionally be posting Videos. Also, please check out the Bully-Free Chat Box and our Questions and Answers page (see Forum) to help answer bullying-related or other questions:  


Thank You!

NH Kids Against Bullying

Strafford School

1 Roller Coaster Rd. #1

Strafford, NH 03884



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