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New Hampshire Kids Against Bullying

Columbine Massacre (April 20, 1999)


Two kids...

Two guns...

And a whole lot of bullying.

It came to my attention that on April 20th, 2011, the Columbine Shooting has had it's 12th anniversary. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you my have not.

The Columbine Shooting occurred in the Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado. Two boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were bullied mercilessly by their classmates. In Eric Harris's journal, he wrote: 'Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, and how.. weak I am.. Well, I will get you all back: ultimate..revenge here. You people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like senior, and maybe I wouldn't have been as ready to tear your.. heads off...Thats where a lot of my hate grows from. the fact that I have practically no selfesteem. especially concerning girls and looks and such. therefore people make fun of me...constantly...therefore i get no respect and therefore I get..PISSED' These two boys had very low self esteem. Shortly after the massacre, they took their own lives.

Eric and Dylan killed twelve students, one teacher, and wounded twenty-one people. Three people were wounded trying to escape the wrath of the boys.

That's a lot.

In the boys' journals, they suggest that they felt that they should have power over everyone. They are full of drawings of swastikas, bombs, and scenes from violent video games. The attack resulted on Adolf Hitler's birthday, and this caused much controversy. But back to the point. Eric and Dylan were bullied to the point of insanity, and they just went out of control. Think about the Columbine Shooting the next time you tease someone.

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