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New Hampshire Kids Against Bullying

Sign the Pledge

I can make a difference.

I will take a stand.

Stopping bullying is my responsibility, my plan.

I can make a difference.

I don't need to be afraid.

Even when people are different, I come to their aid.

I will help take a step in the journey to stop bullying.



SUMMER                                                     REECE                                                                 JASON TRAFTON                               MIA

LOLA                                                           DJ BOUCHER                                                       KIM MORRISETTE                           BRIAN 

BRI                                                              THERESA A. FORTINMADORE                           MS. HOLLY HARRIS                     ARISTA

SAGE                                                           SARAH MADORE                                                 MR. NIX                                               MESKI

CHLOE                                                        KATHRYN CUNNINGHAM RN                            MRS. JILL SAIA                             JULIE SPAK

CRYSTAL                                                    MARY                                                                   ANN GRAHAM                                    EVAN

LOGAN GOODWIN                                    CAMWIN                                                                BECKY CHAGNON

THE ANDERSONS                                     CASSIE                                                                 STEVEN COLBY

RAVEN                                                         MARY CHAQUETTE                                           MRS. GARLAND

RICK KAUFMAN                                         AMY ADAMS                                                        JASMINE HATTON